About Us

Since its founding, on the 3rd of November 1965, ADEC has since grown to thirty-three members.
ADEC is committed to improving the efficiency, quality and competitiveness of the
coffee exporting sector by providing:

On-going advocacy to improve export regulation, procedures and transparency
Training sessions on efficiency, logistics, transportation and security
Information on leading-edge milling and sorting technology
Promotion and marketing support

All of which ensure that our members provide a professional, dependable exporting service.

In addition to our active members, ADEC has named some of its distinguished associates as “honorary members” in recognition of their work in the Guatemalan coffee industry.
These are:

• Manuel Isidoro Oliva Chacón
• Julio Flores Toledo
• Jesús Ybarra Gutierrez
• Oscar Fernando Escobar García
• Pablo Brose
• Ricardo Rodríguez Paul
• Albino Jimenez Estrada
• Jens Bornholt
• Klaus Obrock
• Claus Ressel
• Klaus Monkenmuller
• Ramón Parellada
• José Colom Argueta