Social Responsibility

At ADEC, we believe in working towards a better future for Guatemala and its people.
As part of our mission, we are committed to helping organizations help those in need.

Since 1966 we have worked as a group to provide food staples, medical support, financial help and emergency relief. Today, we support sixteen organizations.

Our mobile clinic brings medical aid directly to those in need. To date, we have held
twenty clinics offering general checkups as well as pediatric, gynecological and dental evaluations to 11,536 people.

Society’s most needy are often children and the elderly. Our social programs focus on these two vulnerable groups providing much needed support.
Not just for a day, but for the long run.

ADEC has brought monthly support since 1976 to the Mater Orpahnorum orphanages, retirement homes and day-care centers.  And continues this important monthly donation of food staples and aid to five other institutions.

At ADEC, we understand that the most difficult challenges are those that come unexpectedly. When hurricanes such as STAN and MITCH struck Guatemala we were there with aid and support.

Today, we continue our commitment recently supporting those living in
Guatemala’s Dry Corridor, which has suffered severe droughts.
And helping those from Haiti’s recent earthquake.

ADEC carefully selects the organizations that are given aid, ensuring that they are professional and trust-worthy. As an association, we can therefore channel aid from coffee buyers to local causes. Giving you the opportunity to make an impact.

For more information, contact us.